Special Considerations

  1. Students in the following categories should consider contacting the Office of Veterans Affairs for special instructions:
    • Repeating a course in which the previous grade was a D or better.
    • Enrolled in short courses (certification will only be for the actual duration of the course).
    • Concurrently enrolled at two educational institutions. Parent School Letter Request Form
    • Considering withdrawing from the University or dropping a course.
    • Receiving an incomplete grade for one or more courses.
  2. A withdrawal from the university or a course drop may result in retroactive loss of benefits. The reduction in training time reverts back to the beginning of the enrollment period unless documentation is provided to the VA proving mitigating circumstances. If mitigating circumstances are approved by the VA a prorated debt may still be incurred.
    • Mitigating circumstances as defined by the VA include:
      • An illness or injury afflicting the student during the enrollment period.
      • An illness or death in the student's immediate family.
      • An unavoidable change in the student's conditions of employment.
      • Immediate family or financial obligations beyond the control of the claimant that require him or her to suspend pursuit of the program of education to obtain employment.
      • Discontinuance of the course by the school.
      • Unanticipated active military service, including active duty for training.
      • Unanticipated difficulties with childcare arrangements the student has made for the period during which he or she is attending classes.