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Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Self reporting

The Qualified Admissions standards for Kansas Board of Regents' schools have changed for all institutions beginning with the class graduating in 2015.

In response to the changing admission requirements, K-State will initiate student self reporting with the class of 2015. At the time they apply, students will be asked to submit:

  • precollege coursework,
  • grades,
  • GPA,
  • rank (if available),
  • and test scores (if available and not already sent via ACT or SAT).

K-State will use this information to make initial admission decisions and general university scholarship awards. All admission decisions are conditional until final transcripts and official test scores are received. Students enrolling in fall must submit documentation by July 1. Final transcripts and official test scores will be used to verify self-reported information. Scholarship offers with academic requirements will be reviewed and verified before financial awarding. If misrepresentations are found, K-State reserves the right to rescind offers of admission and cancel scholarships.