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Travel request

The University Travel Request Form must be completed prior to booking travel through the online booking tool and prior to booking all Out-of-State Travel.


The request serves as a tool

  • to verify that notification and approval of the travel has been made to the appropriate departmental authority by capturing both the traveler approval and department authorized authority approval, and

  • for Duty of Care, to ensure that departments know where their employees are should an emergency arise.

Estimate of expenses

This form includes an estimate of expenses. It is anticipated that as an estimate, the expenses on this form will not exactly match the final expenses claimed.

Out-of-State Travel Request

Please contact your Departmental Travel Liaison.  Required in advance for all Out-of-State and International Travel. 

International Travel Registration

Please visit here for additional requirements regarding international travel registration. To be completed in addition to the Out-of-State Travel Request prior to international travel.


New Travel Request available for pilot groups only!