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March 20, 2023

Kansas Legislative update week 10

Submitted by Susan S. Peterson

This week in the Legislature, Legislative Committees are meeting for the final week of the Kansas Legislative Session on bills that are not exempt from Legislative deadlines. The final day for Legislative Committees to take action is March 24.

Last week the Senate and House both turned their attention to budget issues. The Senate debated Senate Bill 155, which contains the Senate recommendations to the governor's budget for fiscal year 24 and future years. The House Higher Education Budget Committee presented the committee's recommendations to House Appropriations Committee.

This week the House of Representatives will consider the governor's budget. On Tuesday, March 21, the House Appropriations Committee will make its final recommendations on the governor's fiscal years 2024, 2025 and future years to send to the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives plans to debate the budget recommendations on Thursday, March 23. 

The Kansas Legislative Research Department posts budget documents

Anyone interested in listening to committee activity of debate in the House of Representatives or the Senate can visit kslegislature.org/li/ under the audio/video tab. Find the name of the committee to listen to live hearings. 

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