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March 20, 2023

APDesign studio announces release of 1HAUS stationery set

Submitted by Thom Jackson

The APDesign Studio 801 design team: Back row, from left: Jacob Kim, Jordan Cutsinger, Kayla Roles and Levi Hansen. Front row, from left: Dustin McDermott , Hernán Gregorio and Zachary Spearman. 

Graduate students from the College of Architecture, Planning & Design in the departments of interior architecture and industrial design have launched a new designer stationery set, 1HAUS.

"1HAUS is a stationery organization system consisting of a pen/pencil holder, an organizer clock and a planter/phone stand," said Jordan Cutsinger, a fifth-year graduate student and one of the designers of the set. "The collection creates a functional yet beautiful piece that connects current students to the previous design generations from the College of Architecture, Planning & Design." 

Cutsinger worked alongside a team including Dustin McDermott, Granby, Missouri; Kayla Roles, Manhattan; Jacob Kim, Colorado Springs, Colorado; Zachary Spearman, McPherson; and Levi Hansen, Shawnee. 

The 1HAUS stationary set is the result of a recently introduced graduate course offered by the interior architecture and industrial design department. Studio 801 is a graduate-level industrial design course where students have the opportunity to design, make and launch their products in the marketplace. This initiative is led by Assistant Professor Hernán Gregorio. 

"We believe this course offers an incredible opportunity for students to move beyond conceptual design and learn how products are not only designed, but also manufactured and brought to market," Gregorio said. 

Studio 801 blends design theory and educational methodologies with a real-world scenario to better prepare students for life after graduation. Understanding and defining consumer needs and desires, as well as market dynamics, design, communication, production and assembly methods, branding, pricing and packaging, are some of the objectives of this experience. The ultimate goal is for students to get a better understanding of real-world product development, contemporary business practices and how they can add value as industrial designers.

"Normally, we ask our students to realize proof of concept with their designs," said Nathan Howe, professor and department head for interior architecture and industrial design. "What Studio 801 is doing goes way beyond that description. It brings to the surface the true potential of what our students, faculty and facility can achieve in bringing products to reality. It is quite an achievement. To top that off, the studio's final design is beautiful and tells a wonderful story that connects so well to our home at APDesign." 

The Studio 801 initiative will continue to focus on providing students with a one-of-a-kind learning experience. Visit idstudio801.com to learn more about the course and the 1HAUS products. A limited edition of 30 sets is available for purchase.

Graduate students in Studio 801 at K-State launch a new designer stationary set, 1HAUS. 

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