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November 9, 2022

APDesign hits record enrollment numbers

Submitted by Thom Jackson

The College of Architecture, Planning & Design, or APDesign, at Kansas State University has once again reached new highs in recruiting and retention.

Enrollment continues to grow with a record high of 877 students enrolled in fall 2022, up 42 students, or 5.2%, from last year. Perhaps most significantly, over five years APDesign has experienced an increase of more than 17% in in-state enrollment and an increase of more than 12% in out-of-state enrollment, resulting in an overall five-year student population growth of more than 14%.

The first-year Environmental Design class, including transfers and first-time freshmen, is at its largest enrollment with a total of 207 students, up 26 compared to fall 2021. As APDesign typically retains between 88% and 91% of first-time students to their second year of college at K-State, this Environmental Design class can be predicted to continue to contribute to APDesign's total increasing student population.

While total enrollments in APDesign’s long-standing programs in architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture and regional & community planning moved upward in recent years, the Master of Industrial Design program starts its third year with an enrollment of 44 students, more than doubling its total from its inaugural year in 2020. APDesign announced a new program this year, a Bachelor of Science in real estate and community development, and expects to welcome its first cohort in spring 2023.

Half of all students attending APDesign are from out of state. Students from Missouri account for more than half of the out-of-state population, while others hail from 34 states across the U.S., including Alaska. K-State’s recent announcement of the Wildcat Nonresident Award is positive support for the continued growth of the college and university.

APDesign graduates contribute to the economies of Kansas and surrounding states, with approximately 97% of graduates employed in their field within six months of graduation. Forty-five percent of APDesign graduates find placement in Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and Oklahoma, while 52% are employed in other parts of the nation and world.

Over the past five years, the college has grown and maintained a diverse population among its students, both in gender and background. The APDesign student population is 52% female and 48% male. First-generation students account for 21% of the student body. APDesign has seen a strong five-year growth rate in Hispanic and African American students, as well as other U.S. demographic groups underrepresented in higher education. In total, 1 in 4 students, or 25%, are from underrepresented populations. This information is obtained by self-reporting from the students.

The new facility, completed in 2017, continues to impact recruitment, allowing prospective students to imagine their learning and research activities in alignment with the spaces and amenities embedded in the building. On-campus visits are highly choreographed involving faculty, staff, and students aimed at giving a deep understanding of the rigors and opportunities associated with study in APDesign.

"Our success in continued enrollment growth, even in unsettling times, reflects a deep commitment of the college staff, faculty, students and alumni to a well-orchestrated, comprehensive recruiting program, as well as a student-centered focus on retention carried out by faculty and staff," said Tim de Noble, professor and dean of APDesign.