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April 6, 2022

Follow fire safety tips during All-University Open House

Submitted by Jack Chatmon

As the K-State All-University Open House approaches on Saturday, April 9, the fire safety division of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety would like to remind university staff and students of the following requirements:

  • Decorations, hangings or other items suspended from ceilings and located within stairways must be fire-resistive.
  • Combustible artwork, decorations or other items attached to corridor walls shall not exceed 20% of the aggregate wall area.
  • Decorations or artwork shall not be suspended from or obstruct sprinkler heads, fire alarm devices, exit signs, emergency lights and exit doors.
  • Store propane cylinders, such as the 20-pound cylinders used for grilling, outside and at least 10 feet away from the buildings.
  • Exceptions may apply to auditoriums and other assembly buildings that contain a sprinkler system.

Contact the campus fire marshal at 785-532-3473 or jlchatmo@k-state.edu with any questions.