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February 18, 2022

UFM's Lifetime Learning classes for spring 2022 start soon

Submitted by Charlene Brownson

The first class in UFM's Lifetime Learning program for spring 2022 starts on Feb. 23. Lifetime Learning classes provide life-enrichment opportunities where learning never stops. UFM's Lifetime Learning program's mission is to offer educational programming and activities for learners age 50-plus to enrich their social, cultural and intellectual learning opportunities. All ages are welcome. 

Spring classes include:

The Fabulous Fifties — The decade that followed the World War II was a period of American prosperity, technological advances and tranquility. The three classes will focus on America assuming the mantle of leading the free world, America witnessing the movement of the middle class to the suburbs, the birth of rock and roll and television, the space race, and a baby boom; the rebuilding of Europe and the continent's division into two spheres of influence — the free west and the Soviet-dominated east; and the end of colonialism in the Far East, the reemergence of Japan and the rise of unaligned Third World.
Instructor: Robert Smith, director of the Fort Riley Museums complex.

Jazz History: Revisiting the Big Bands — The Big Band Era of American music is most often remembered as "the pop music" of the 1930s and '40s. Band leaders such as Bennie Goodman, Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, and Tommy Dorsey were the pop music stars of the day. However, that era is linked to the history and development of jazz. This three-session class will examine the predecessors of the genre, present some of the highlighted ensembles, and explore what happened to the genre of big band music after the 1940s.
Instructor: Paul Hunt, professor of music at K-State.

Lunch and Learn programs at Prairie Star's Event Center at Meadowlark

Cowboys and Cow Towns of Kansas — Over 150 years ago, the first trail herd from Texas arrived on the Chisholm Trail in Abilene. But Texas beef had been driven earlier to places from which they could be delivered to markets. And for two decades after, trail herds came to other Kansas cow towns.
Instructor: Roy Bird, a librarian, historian and college professor.

The History of Murals in Kansas — This presentation will explain the history of murals in Kansas – how and why mural art was introduced to the public, and the changes in the process and impact on the public that have happened over time.
Instructor: Hilary Wahlen, a local artist who received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture at K-State.

The Midwest Dream Car Museum — The first meeting will be a classroom presentation to learn about the history and information about it. The second meeting will be at the Midwest Dream Car Collection for a tour where you will get to see the cars and learn more about the history of this amazing car collection.
Instructor: Doug Meloan, director of vehicle operations/curator.

The '51 Flood — Seven decades ago, an environmental disaster that occurred in Kansas affected the entire state not only then but also continues to impact the entire state to this day. Even into the future, the flood of 1951 has effects, but can it ever happen again?
Instructor: Roy Bird, a librarian, historian and college professor.

For more information or to enroll, call UFM at 785-539-8763 or visit tryufm.org