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K-State Today Student Edition

January 18, 2022

Adjustment to COVID-19 absence verification process

Submitted by Office of Student Life

The Omicron variant cycle suggests there may be more students unable to attend classes during times of quarantine or isolation this semester. In many cases, however, absences will be for shorter durations.

Due to the need to respond quickly to the larger number of students expected to be affected by the Omicron variant, particularly at the beginning of the semester, the Office of Student Life will no longer automatically verify COVID-19-related absences. The university is asking faculty to provide academic assistance and adjustments for these absences without verification through the Office of Student Life. Read more about exposure, quarantine and isolation protocols.

As a student, it is your responsibility to provide the initial communication to your instructors about the need to miss classes for any COVID-19 illness, isolation or quarantine needs. Please contact your instructors directly to request modifications of assignments, exams or other forms of coursework due to COVID-19.

The absence verification process for all other university excused absences and verified absences remain unchanged. The office of Student Life can help verify excused absences as they relate to military service, court appearances, pregnancy, childbirth, adoption, religious observances and weather. Students can review the Office of Student Life absence website for more information.

Other absences may not be included under the excused absence policy but can be verified through the Office of Student Life. These types of absences may include illness that is non-COVID related, medical appointments, attending a funeral, etc. Read more about the absence policy and the types of documentation needed.