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K-State Today

September 17, 2021

Beneficiary Awareness Week comes to a close

Submitted by Jason Talbert

Today is the final day of Beneficiary Awareness Week at K-State. We hope that the K-State Today articles published so far this week have been informative and helpful.

Today, HCS benefits is offering a virtual K-State Beneficiary Education session at 10 a.m. This session will cover what a beneficiary is, who should designate a beneficiary, who can be a beneficiary, when to designate or update beneficiaries, where you can access the required forms and why proper beneficiary designations are so important. Registration is available through the K-State Beneficiary Education Session Registration link. Additional future sessions and enhanced online resources are being developed for those who are unable to attend.

As always, HCS benefits is glad to help. Please contact your support team at benefits@k-state.edu with any questions or concerns