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August 24, 2021

College of Veterinary Medicine team volunteers at Everybody Counts — Manhattan

Submitted by Joe Montgomery

A team from the Veterinary Health Center examines a dog at Everybody Counts.

After a year off due to concerns about COVID-19, the College of Veterinary Medicine has resumed participation in a community outreach event called Everybody Counts. The event occurred Aug. 7 in Manhattan at the Douglass Community Center.

The purpose of Everybody Counts is to provide much needed no-cost services to the most vulnerable population in the Manhattan area. The event provides dental care, medical care and a variety of social services from local organizations, school district representatives and other community organizations.

A team consisting of about 40 volunteers. including veterinary students, nurses and veterinarians, participated at the Everybody Counts and served more than 50 pets. To provide an extra level of safety, the volunteers wore masks as a public health measure to help prevent spread of COVID-19. Pet owners invited to attend this event are those without a primary care veterinarian and cannot afford veterinary care elsewhere.

"It's truly a wonderful event," said Kate KuKanich, professor of small animal medicine. "We are honored that our K-State College of Veterinary Medicine can join Everybody Counts and make a positive difference on the health and human-animal bond of the pets and families in need in our community. By demonstrating to our veterinary students the wonderful local impact we can have when we give back, I hope to inspire them too to lead community events to benefit their neighbors throughout Kansas and beyond, wherever their future veterinary careers take them."

"It was a remarkable day," said Elizabeth Davis, head of the clinical sciences department and interim director for the Veterinary Health Center. "So many generous people in our program volunteered their time and expertise to help others in need by providing veterinary services to maintain the health of community pets. We were fortunate to be joined by several volunteers external to the college who also contributed to this important community service need, these individuals included both Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and registered veterinary technician professionals who helped make the event a huge success again in 2021."

The College of Veterinary Medicine team performed physical examinations, vaccinations and preventative care. Products were donated by generous pharmaceutical and nutrition/pet food corporations.

"We are so proud of all of those who volunteered their time and talent to this event," said Bonnie Rush, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine. "By joining this event, we hope we were able to foster well-being through ownership of healthy pets and minimize transfer of zoonotic disease in our community."