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K-State Today

November 16, 2020

Message related to fraudulent unemployment claims

Submitted by David Brown

The state of Kansas continues to battle the fraudulent unemployment claims situation. To date the Kansas Department of Labor has stopped more than 100,000 of these fraudulent claims and the number continues to grow.

 The KDOL will not communicate with individuals through email or text. If you receive an unemployment communication through email or text, please act immediately by reporting it at www.ReportFraud.ks.gov. When you report a suspected identity theft claim on the site, the system will generate a police report number and tips for victims to use to help mitigate the damage from the theft. In addition, KDOL is able to stop processing the claim for payment.

Reporting an instance of identity theft to KDOL is not a replacement for taking additional steps to protect your personal information. You will need to notify your financial institutions and/or credit bureaus. For more information, please access the Report Fraud site. Impacted individuals are encouraged to take additional steps to help protect their identity, such as credit monitoring or identity theft protection services. This will help impacted individuals proactively act when their personal information is exposed and help mitigate the risk of further financial harm. 

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