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K-State Today Student Edition

January 21, 2013

Healthful and Safe College Life online course starts Jan. 22 and March 25

Submitted by Rosanna Vail

Many students struggle with maintaining healthy eating and lifestyle habits during college, when so much emphasis is placed on grades, social life and other responsibilities. Good habits are often abandoned in favor of more convenient alternatives.

But a beneficial class being offered through the Division of Continuing Education can help students remedy that pattern over the span of eight weeks.

The three-credit class, called Healthful and Safe College Life, EDCEP 103, focuses on relevant health topics for students such as sexual health, nutrition and fitness, illness prevention and more. It is an online course, with an upcoming session beginning Jan. 22, which can be applied to the K-State eight or university general education requirements.

"Making personal decisions in a college environment can be difficult,” said Rosemary Boggs, program coordinator at the Division of Continuing Education. “Students may encounter many lifestyle adjustments and choices that can ultimately affect their academic performance. The Healthful and Safe College Life course addresses issues students may face in college.”

One topic covered will be mental health, which will provide useful information on stress reduction and depression, as well as physical health. Nutrition and fitness experts will give examples of guilt-free healthy food choices while teaching about weight management and fitness. These topics are often concerns for incoming and upper-class students alike.

Since the class is designed to be completed online, it is very flexible and convenient for students. The class is offered five times during the 2012-2013 school year. Along with the upcoming Jan. 22 session, remaining sessions start March 25 and June 10.

More information about the course and its offerings can be found at http://www.dce.k-state.edu/courses/collegelife/.