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February 12, 2020

Forty-five Kansas State University faculty members granted sabbatical leave

Submitted by Brian Niehoff

Kansas State University is granting sabbatical leave to 45 faculty members during the 2020-2021 school year.

The purpose of a sabbatical leave is to provide faculty members with the opportunity for scholarly and professional enrichment. Sabbatical leaves allow faculty to pursue advanced study, conduct research studies, engage in scholarly and creative activities, or secure appropriate industrial or professional experience. Once faculty members return from their sabbaticals, they are expected to share the knowledge and experience they gained with their students, colleagues and the Kansas State University community.

Faculty members being granted sabbatical leave:

Nathan Albin, mathematics; Kathleen Antonioli, modern languages; Michael Apley, clinical sciences; Itzhak Ben-Itzhak, physics; Traci Brimhall, English; Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez, American ethnic studies; Steve Cassou, economics; Todd Cochrane, mathematics; Steffi Dippold, English; Jared Durtschi, family studies and human services; Crystal Futrell, K-State Research and Extension; Wayne Goins, music, theatre, and dance; Rebecca Hackemann-Bahlmann, art; Stuart Heckman, family studies and human services; Derek Hillard, modern languages; Swinder Janda, marketing; Laurie Johnson, political science; Ari Jumpponen, biology; Matthew Kirk, geology; Emizet Kisangani, political science; Rebecca McMahon, K-State Research and Extension; J.P. Michaud, entomology; Gerad Middendorf, sociology, anthropology, and social work; Bradley JSC Olson, biology; Bimal Paul, geography; Eleni Pliakoni, horticulture; Kerry Priest, leadership studies; David Procter, communication studies; Lauren Ritterbush, sociology, anthropology, and social work; Cary Rivard, horticulture; Tosha Sampson-Choma, English; Lado Samushia, physics; Sabuhi Sardarli, finance; Jeremy Schmit, physics; Caterina Scoglio, electrical and computer engineering; Leilei Shen, economics; Aleksey Sheshukov, biological and agricultural engineering; Andrew T. Smith, integrated studies; Weixing Song, statistics; Victor Turchin, mathematics; Mark Ungerer, biology; Jennifer Vellenga, music, theatre, and dance; Jida Wang, geography; Craig Weston, music, theatre, and dance; and Zhiwei Zhang, political science.