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K-State Today

May 14, 2019

Amanda Gaulke named recipient of KAWSE Award

Submitted by Chardie L. Baird

Amandy Gaulke, assistant professor of economics, is this year's recipient of the KAWSE Award. 

The KAWSE Award honors exceptional efforts undertaken by a K-State faculty or staff member to enrich girls' and women's lives in STEM disciplines. Recipients will be recognized with an engraved plaque at KAWSE's Women of Distinction Recognition Ceremony on Sept. 19 and will receive a $500 award.

Gaulke, as a junior faculty member, has developed and organized and programs that benefit underrepresented students. For example, she organized a speed mentoring event at which faculty asked student common interview questions so students could practice answering and get feedback on their answers.

Gaulke also fostered partnerships across programs. She worked with KAWSE to host an event at which four faculty talked about imposter syndrome and strategies for reining it in. Gaulke also collaborated with K-State's Writing Center to provide students with feedback on their job application materials. As one final example, she set up an exchange program with KU that gives students a chance to discuss their research in settings similar to their future job talks. Gaulke's dedication to ensuring that everyone has equal access to mentoring is important for all students, especially historically underrepresetned students who often are less likely to be mentored formally or informally.