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October 9, 2012

Human capital project coming to K-State

Submitted by Carla Bishop

Kansas State University is partnering with Aon Hewitt Consultants to conduct a comprehensive universitywide evaluation of the university's capacity to support meeting our human capital needs as envisioned in K-State 2025.

The project considers whether the ways that have served K-State in the past will meet our needs in the future for human resources, equal employment opportunity, or EEO, and related Title IX services. Aon Hewitt has been asked to review and make recommendations about the processes that impact all of us — faculty, unclassified staff and classified staff.

K-State is now beginning the journey to examine and improve our human capital enterprise this month with the goal of Aon Hewitt completing its work by February 2013.

The first step is a survey. Those performing work in HR and related fields are being asked to participate in an online survey to help us understand how their time is allocated when performing a number of activities. Those asked to participate will be notified via email. The survey is an important part of this universitywide project to identify improvements and recommend a road map for change with associated costs to maximize the efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness of our HR/EEO/Title IX services, and hone best practices.

The survey from Aon Hewitt will start this week. Responses will only be viewed by Aon Hewitt employees. Collective responses will be reported to K-State without attribution to specific individuals. The folks responding will have two weeks to complete the survey, which will take 20-30 minutes of their time.

The second step is a series of interviews conducted by Aon Hewitt. They will interview K-State subject matter experts and stakeholders. These interviews will start this week as well. Those who will be interviewed will be contacted by the president’s office.

We look forward to working with you as we partner with Aon Hewitt on this important 2025 initiative to improve our human capital systems. For general questions about the project, please contact a member of the project team at hcp2025@k-state.edu.

Human Capital Project Team:

Jackie Hartman

Lynn Carlin

Gary Leitnaker

Roberta Maldonado-Franzen

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