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October 4, 2012

Professor of philosophy presents 'What goes on there?'

Submitted by Heather Sanders

James Hamilton, professor of philosophy, is presenting 'What goes on there?' today at The Open University in Milton-Keynes, United Kingdom.

Hamilton, who is on sabbatical leave from Kansas State University this academic year, works on philosophical issues related to the production of and the aesthetic appreciation of theatrical performances.

In this paper, he presents a theory of the nature of the theatrical event as a kind of information transfer transaction. One key issue about any information transfer system concerns if — and if so — when those receiving signals must attribute specific content intentions — and not merely the intention to signal — to those producing signals in order to understand the contents. That issue is one of those discussed in this talk by Hamilton.

For more information on the philosophy department at The Open University visit their website at www.open.ac.uk/Arts/philosophy/research.shtml.