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October 12, 2018

Geographers present at regional conference

Submitted by Shawn Hutchinson


Faculty members, visiting scholars and graduate students from the geography department participated in the annual meeting of the Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Division of the American Association of Geographers Oct. 5-6 in Manhattan. 

The following geographers made presentations at the meeting:

  • Fangfang Yao, graduate student, and Jida Wang, assistant professor, presented "Lake Storage Variation on the Endorheic Tibetan Plateau and its Attribution to Climate Change since the New Millennium."
  • Meng Ding, graduate student, and Wang, presented "Global Assessment of Surface Water Abundance in Lakes and Reservoirs."
  • Helder Martins, visiting scholar, presented "The Electricity Sector Evolution in Brazil: The Emergence of Bioelectricity."
  • Abbey Marcotte, graduate student, and Abigail Langston, research assistant professor, presented "Using Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry and Erosion Pins to Quantify Controls on Bedrock Erosion and Sediment Transport in a Heterogeneously Layered Landscape, Flint Hills, KS."
  • Michael Molloy, graduate student, and Bimal Paul, professor, presented "Analyzing Tornado Frequency and Regional Climate Change Relationships in Kansas CE 1950-2016."
  • Ricardo Gonzalez, undergraduate student, and Langston presented "Quantifying the Effects of Sediment Flux and Water Discharge on Lateral Bedrock Erosion Using Flume Experiments."
  • John Paul Rogers, graduate student, presented "The Contemporary Scottish Gaelic Linguistic and Cultural Landscape."
  • Michael Stumpff, graduate student, and Arnaud Temme, associate professor, presented "Locating Suitable Locations to Measure Snow Avalanche Geomorphic Impacts."
  • Komal Preet Kaur, graduate student, and Marcellus Caldas, associate professor, presented "Land Use and Land Cover Changes in the 'Ghost Villages' of Uttarakhand, India."
  • Shawn Hutchinson, professor, and Hilda Onuoha, graduate student, presented "Time Series Analysis of Phenometrics and Long-Term Grassland Trends across the Great Plains Ecoregion using Moderate Resolution Satellite Imagery."
  • Wang, Yao and colleagues presented "Where are Dams and Reservoirs, and How Do They Affect Surface Water Budget?"
  • Jeffrey Smith, associate professor, presented "Attachment to Vanishing Places."
  • Katherine Nelson, assistant professor, and colleague presented "Exploring the Impacts of Agricultural Landscape Diversity on Yields in the U.S. Using Bayesian Spatiotemporal Modeling."
  • Rebecca Lima Albuquerque Maranhão, graduate student, and colleagues presented "Dynamics of Soybeans and Cattle Production in Brazil."
  • Jakob Hanschu, undergraduate student, presented "A Hidden Past: The Historical Geography of Agricultural Drainage in Iowa."
  • Caldas, Gabriel Granco, postdoctoral research associate, and colleague presented "The Compounding Threat to Brazilian Cerrado Biodiversity: Exploring Land and Climate Change Impacts on Amphibian Habitats."
  • Granco, Caldas and colleague presented "How Does Place-based Culture Influence on Pro-Environmental Policy Support? An Examination using Agent-based Simulations."
  • Paul presented "How Many Monolingual Countries Are There? Language Diversity in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)."
  • Subarna Chatterjee, graduate student, Paul and Audrey Joslin, assistant professor, presented "Determinants of Human Migration in the Climate Change Affected Indian Sundarbans."
  • Avantika Ramekar, graduate student, and Paul presented "Kerala Floods: Should India Change its Foreign Aid Policy?".
  • Temme presented "Two Arguments in Favor of Characterizing Additional Proglacial Soil Chronosequences."
  • Barrie Chileen, graduate student, Kendra McLauchlan, professor, and colleague presented "Dynamics of Lodgepole Pine Forests in Fire-Driven Landscapes: Past, Present and Future."
  • W. Marijn van der Meij, visiting scholar, Temme and colleague presented "Spatiotemporal Patterns of Human-Induced Landscape Change in a German Agricultural Landscape."
  • Md Abu Sayeed Maroof, graduate student, presented "Assessing the influence of parameters for agricultural flood loss estimation in the Middle Cedar River Watershed, Iowa."
  • Douglas Goodin, professor, presented "Parameterization of the Prospect Leaf Reflectance Model for Tallgrass Prairie."
  • Dong Luo, graduate student, Caldas and Goodin, presented "Predicting and Estimating Land Cover Mapping at Bento Rodrigues Dam Disaster Area using Machine Learning and Landsat Images."