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May 7, 2018

Academic Achievement Center selects new ambassadors and executive board

Submitted by Katie Pierce

The Academic Achievement Center will welcome a select group of student ambassadors and executive board members in fall 2018.

These students have shown a passion for the Academic Achievement Center's mission to empower students through useful resources, motivate through positive encouragement, and inspire hard work and dedication. The center is excited to accept them into this role.

New ambassadors include Lydia Allegri, sophomore in psychology; Jason Armenta, sophomore in computer engineering; Ty Brull, senior in business administration–entrepreneurship; Kristin Gaddis, senior in biology; Jean Grumblatt, senior in communication and entrepreneurship; Hannah Nelson, sophomore in business administration; Coralis Rodriguez, sophomore in education and Spanish; Abena Wallace, senior in modern languages; and Taylor Webb, sophomore in elementary education. 

The Academic Achievement Center also extends its congratulations to the newly-selected executive board for the ambassadors. Over the past couple of weeks, ambassadors casted their votes to establish the second executive board for the group.

Executive board members for the 2018-2017 academic year include Edwin Chris Butler, president, senior in sociology; Dan Geist, vice president, senior in secondary education; Erin Henderson, co-secretary, senior in computer science; and Zoua Vang, co-secretary, senior in marketing.