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March 29, 2018

Division of Biology presents Elizabeth King

Submitted by Division of Biology

Elizabeth King, University of Missouri, will present "Uncovering the Genetics of Complex Life History Traits Using a Multiparent Population" as part of the Division of Biology Seminar series at 4 p.m. March 30 in 221 Ackert Hall.   

The talk will cover one of the ultimate goals of modern genetics, which is to determine how molecular genetic variation is translated into organismal phenotypes. King will discuss the vast majority of genetically based traits that are influenced by many genetic variants of small effect that interact with one another and with environmental factors. The underlying complexity has made identifying the causative genetic variants for most traits a steep challenge. She will talk of life history traits that are extremely complex and are determined by the interplay between the finite amount of resources an organism can acquire from its environment and the allocation of those resources among competing functions — e.g., reproduction, somatic maintenance and storage. Understanding the genetic basis of such a trait requires a system level approach. King will discuss the development of a multiparent population in the Drosophila model system, the Drosophila Synthetic Population Resource, and how she has used it to advance our understanding of the genetic basis of life history traits.

If you would like to visit with King, please contact Tom Platt at tgplatt@k-state.edu

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