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February 15, 2018

K-State celebrates National TRIO Day

Submitted by Monshonda Booker and Kathleen Greene

The K-State TRIO programs at the Polytechnic and Manhattan campuses celebrate National TRIO Day in February.

Federal TRIO programs are outreach and student services programs that assist income-limited individuals, first-generation college students, individuals with disabilities, and students underrepresented in higher education to progress through the academic pipeline from middle school to postbaccalaureate programs.

K-State's Manhattan and Polytechnic campuses have four of the eight national TRIO programs. 

  • Upward Bound on the Polytechnic campus, assists area high school students with additional academic preparation, advisement and encouragement to succeed in high school and later in college.
  • Student Support Services programs on the Polytechnic campus provides undergraduates with support on the pathway to graduation by offering tutoring, advising, referral services, cultural enrichment programming, workshops, financial aid navigation and scholarship assistance.
  • Educational Supportive Services is the Manhattan campus equivalent of Polytechnic's Student Support Services and also provides undergraduates with support — tutoring, advising, financial aid, etc. — through graduation.
  • Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program, on the Manhattan campus, provides preparation for graduate school through academic support, a research internship, professional development opportunities, entrance exam preparation, and assistance with the application process. 

Polytechnic TRIO Day events:

  • National TRIO Day on Saturday, Feb. 17, at Kansas State Polytechnic. The K-State community is invited to activities that show appreciation to the community for its support of TRIO programs.
  • Upward Bound and Student Supportive Services hosted the annual Chili Cookout competition on Friday, Feb. 9. 

Manhattan TRIO Day events — celebrated Feb. 19-23:

  • Postcards for Legislators: Participating students and alumni are invited to drop by 102/103 Holton Hall to pick up a postcard and write messages to their legislators sharing their TRIO experiences.
  • TRIO History Highlight: The Holton Hall display board by the east stairs will share the history of TRIO at K-State, which began in 1973. Community members are invited to stop by, view the board, or stop in 102/103 Holton to speak with staff.

Kathleen Greene is director of Educational Support Services, the Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program, and Student Support Services. Jess Simpson, assistant director, oversees the Student Support Services program at K-State Polytechnic. Monshonda Booker is director of the Upward Bound program at K-State Polytechnic.

All four programs have successfully secured funding for their next grant cycle. Booker and the Upward Bound program joined other Upward Bound programs in a National Science Foundation T3 Alliance grant, written by a group led by John Monahan, K-State alumnus, University of Alaska, for a total of $2.1 million dollars.

According to University of Alaska, the purpose of the grant is “to use emerging technologies as a way to increase the interest of high-school low-income and first-generation-to-college students into science fields.” K-State's Upward Bound will receive $10,500 over the next three years in order to implement the STEM curriculum.