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September 25, 2017

College of Architecture, Planning & Design presents new exhibit 'A College is Formed'

Submitted by Thom Jackson

The College of Architecture, Planning & Design, or APDesign, presents its first exhibit of the 2017-2018 season with a retrospective look at the history of the programs in APDesign and the migration to Seaton Hall and its recent remodeling and the addition of Regnier Hall.

The exhibit, "A College is Formed," reviews both the cultural milestones and physical building history of the college. It is open to the public beginning Sept. 25 through Oct. 20 in the Seaton Hall Chang Gallery and the new Barb and Casey Cassias Gallery in Regnier Hall. The galleries are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

APDesign is a composition of programs and courses of study, purposed to teaching quality design and planning. The exhibit follows the creation of these components, first offered across the university, and later coalescing into the formation of the College of Architecture in the 1970s, evolving over more than 50 years into the comprehensive college, APDesign, as it is known today.

"We believe that the physical environment is intrinsically linked to the cultural life and development of the place surrounding it," said Christopher Fein, curator for the exhibit and visiting assistant professor in the architecture department. "The exhibit exposes both the old and new connections between the culture and place through these galleries."

The show is split between the two galleries: the Chang Gallery in Seaton Hall, which focuses on the cultural history of the college, and the Barb and Casey Cassias Gallery in Regnier Hall, which focuses on the physical history of the college. It includes the locations of the college on campus, and the evolution of the architecture complex. The exhibit is organized around a timeline in which core curricular changes become the defining points. The curricula that have been highlighted are often accompanied by major transitions in both the studio culture and the physical location of the college.

By examining the visual connection between the cultural history and the building context, showing where the college was housed for more than a century, the direct relationship between place and culture has been illuminated for all to see and to share. With the opening of Regnier Hall, the exhibit is an opportune moment to look closely at this relationship, not only to predict, but also to understand how the new building will impact the culture of APDesign for generations to come.

"This exhibit captures the history of our college at an important juncture, the opening of our 21st-century facility," said Tim de Noble, professor and dean of the college. "It is not only an informative romp through our physical and cultural history, but a delightful exposition of artifacts, pedagogical and constructive, documenting our unique evolution."

The following APDesign students were integral in the development, research and instillation of this exhibit:

Alyce Isabela Torres, Manhattan; and Brad Gollwitzer, Shawnee

From Missouri: Morgan Brown, Columbia; Aaron Church, Hughesville; Tyler Arndt, Independence; Olivia Ashbrook, Kansas City; Dipen Patel, Raymore; and Jeremy Migneco, St. Louis

The following also are included in the creation and implementation of the exhibit:

  • Adrienne Yoxall, interior designer, The Ebert Mayo Design Group.
  • Tim de Noble, professor and dean, College of Architecture, Planning & Design.
  • Becky O'Donnell, project coordinator, College of Architecture, Planning & Design.
  • Chris Fein, visiting assistant professor of architecture.
  • Bruce Wrightsman, assistant professor of architecture.
  • Cliff Hight, associate professor, Hale Library; and staff.
  • Brad Gollwitzer, master's student in architecture.
  • Ennead Architects
  • Katie Kingery-Page, associate professor of landscape architecture and regional & community planning.
  • Lisa Church
  • Lisa Shubert, assistant to the dean, College of Architecture, Planning & Design.
  • Lynn Ewanow, associate professor and associate dean, College of Architecture, Planning & Design.
  • Matt Knox, professor and department head, architecture.
  • Maxine Ganske, director of the Weigel Library.
  • Nathan Howe, associate professor and department head, interior architecture & product design.
  • Ray Streeter, associate professor of architecture.
  • Richard Thompson, instructional technologist, College of Architecture, Planning & Design.
  • Stephanie Rolley, professor and department head, landscape architecture and regional & community planning.
  • Todd Gabbard, associate professor of architecture.