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September 8, 2017

Movement Challenge week two results

Submitted by Human Capital Services - Benefits

Wow! Activity reports from week two of the movement challenge are in and your fellow K-State colleagues have an average daily activity per person of 9,284 steps per day. That is a great number and means individuals are moving an equivalent of almost five miles per day. It's never too late to work on adding more activity to your day or engaging a colleague to be active with you. Let's see if we can get that average higher in the coming weeks.

Each week, there is an additional weekly challenge. Week three's — Sept.4-10 — weekly challenge is to be active by playing a game. Gather your family or friends and play a game of horseshoes outside, play some basketball or have a bike race this weekend. Document your activity on social media and use #purpleisprogress to be entered to win a wearable activity tracker or another fun prize from our sponsors. The Movement Challenge team has awarded prizes for week two. The winners are listed on the Movement Challenge website.

The Movement Challenge offers two ways for departments to compete. At the end of the challenge, the Movement Challenge team will name one department the winner of highest activity and one department the winner of highest participation. And for those of you that are independently competitive, there also is an individual leaderboard.

The week two results are in. These calculations are based on data entered for week two of the Movement Challenge, Aug. 27-Sept. 2. The final standings will be for data entered for the entire competition, Aug. 20-Sept. 30.

Activity leaderboard

Department Leaderboard

Participation leaderboard

Participation leaderboard

Individual Leaderboard

Individual leaderboard

Join in on the fun! You can start the Movement Challenge anytime. Just start tracking your activity and report through the eReport provided in your weekly email. Questions? Contact the benefits team at benefits@k-state.edu