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Human Capital Services

Movement Challenge

The 2017 Movement Challenge has ended. Employees who participated will earn 4 HealthQuest credits for having reported activity for all six weeks of the Challenge. Employees with Plan C coverage had the opportunity to earn health savings account, or HSA, dollars.


Leaderboards and prize winners

2017 Movement Challenge
Prize winners
  • Social media, week 1
    • K-State Rec Services
    • McNairs Scholarship Program
  • Participation, week 1
    • Mary-Beth Rhoads, Human Capital Services
  • Social media, week 2
    • Nate Scherman, K-State Olathe
    • K-State Student Health
  • Participation, week 2
    • Tara Marintzer, Hale Library
  • Social media, week 3
    • Michelle Burklund, Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health
    • Jean DeDonder, Lafene Student Health Center
  • Participation, week 3
    • Ryszard Jankowiak, Chemistry
  • Social media, week 4
    • Beth Hinshaw, KSRE Southeast Area Office
    • Monica Curnutt, K-State Polytechnic
  • Participation, week 4
    • Sarah Howe, School of Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Social media, week 5
    • Dené Sheridan, K-State Polytechnic
  • Participation, week 5
    • Calvin Boren, Student Financial Assistance
    • Christine Hackworth, Veterinary Health Center
  • Social media, week 6
    • Jodi Drake, K-State Southwest County Agent Sector
    • Mal Hoover, Veterinary Medicine
  • Participation, week 6
    • Daniel Aubert, Housing & Dining
2016 Movement Challenge results

Activity trackers

Activity tracker

An activity tracker (pdf) is available if you would like to manually track your activity each week.

Activity wearables

Some popular activity trackers that can be ordered online:

Fitbit($$ - $$$)
Jawbone($$ - $$$)
Moov Now($$)
Garmin Vivo($$$)
Misfit ($ - $$$)
Pedometer apps
Activity converters

You may also convert activities to steps by using the below activity conversion calculators. These activities include but are not limited to: biking, swimming, gardening, cleaning house, etc.

Weekly resources for success

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

If you didn't already commit to participating in the Movement Challenge, no problem! Sign up is not required. Just start tracking your activity on August 20 and record your steps in our eReport. The eReport will be sent out each Sunday for the upcoming week. Otherwise, you may find the link to the eReport on PurpleIsProgress.

How do I track my activity?

The Movement Challenge Progress eReport will be open during each week. You may record your activity daily or at the end of the week.

The activity tracker (pdf) is a resource for you if you would like to wait until the end of each week to track. An activity tracker or pedometer app will track steps from day to day, but some pedometers will need to be reset every night.

My logged activity is not showing when I return to the eReport. How can I log additional activity?

Each time you log activity in the weekly eReport, you will receive a response email that will show your updated activity for the week.  At the bottom of that email is the link you can use to enter any additional activity for that week.  You must use the most recent link in the most recent response email in order to return and see all of the activity that you have logged.  Be sure to check your junk email folder if you don’t see your response email.

How do I obtain a pedometer?

You may pick up a pedometer from Human Capital Services, Edwards Hall.

How is the average calculated?

For individuals, the average is calculated on average steps per day over the entire six weeks.

For departments, the average is calculated by the average steps per day by participants, not by department size.

Why should I participate?

By joining this challenge you are empowering yourself to Live Your Best and reap the healthy benefits of a more active lifestyle! There will be incentives from KSU too!

  • You will earn 4 HealthQuest credits for reporting activity all six weeks.
  • You will join in a fun and active challenge with your colleagues and friends!
  • There are weekly prizes for participants.

Are student employees able to participate?

Yes. Any employee is able to participate in the challenge and their "steps" will be counted towards the department by which they are employed.

Can my spouse participate?

While the Movement Challenge is reserved for K-State employee participation, we encourage you to form a support system that will help you be most successful in your journey to Live Your Best. Unfortunately, activity cannot be tracked and additional HealthQuest credits may not be earned for a spouse's participation.

Additional resources

Learn more about physical wellness

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