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April 6, 2017

Update from Multicultural Student Center planning group

Submitted by Multicultural Student Center planning group

An update from the Multicultural Student Center planning group:

Based on our learning to date, we have designed and are delivering a two-step survey process to collect input from student groups, faculty and staff groups, and departments, as well as individuals, as we meet our charge to define uses and outcomes for a space that "advances student success, diversity, inclusion and social justice" for the campus community. 

The first step is to invite input from student groups, faculty and staff groups, and departments and units that would want to actively participate in center programming and activities. A survey link has been sent to all registered student organizations via OSAS, and to deans, directors and department heads via the leadership listserv, asking these groups to consider with their membership the questions on this survey and submit responses. To make sure your group's voice is heard, contact the appropriate advisor, department head, or group leader. You also may contact one of the group's co-chairs: Kimathi Choma at kchoma@k-state.edu, Bryan Davis at bryandavis20@k-state.edu, or Mary Tolar at mtolar@k-state.edu.

All responses will be shared and made available publicly as part of the planning process. Once the committee has analyzed the group survey responses, they will develop and offer an individual, campuswide survey to capture additional feedback and further refine the outcomes and opportunities of this center. That is step two.

The group survey opened Wednesday, April 5, and will close Friday, April 21. The group anticipates the individual survey to open May 1, close May 12, and that the group's recommendations will be shared with the senior leadership team the week of May 22. The group aims to work inclusively and steadily to meet their charge and timeline.

"I am thrilled to be representing Asian-Pacific Islanders on the MSC planning group, and can see a light at the end of the tunnel for a proposal that has been put on hold for many years," said Jackie Huynh, senior in hospitality management. "To see passionate students, faculty and staff, and administrators come together, emphasizes the 'family' theme that Kansas State University so often, publicizes. In the next few days, I encourage student organizations to submit a survey, created by the MSC planning group, to add your voice to the discussion and to allow the MSC planning group and future sponsors to see the importance of a center that advocates for student success, diversity, inclusion and social justice. I look forward to seeing student organizations' responses, as well as the outcome of all the hard work and effort put into planning the center."

"Having the opportunity to work alongside peers to discuss the challenging and exciting thoughts about diversity and inclusion has continued to show me the importance and need for a center at K-State," said Jessica Elmore, associate director of diversity programs at the K-State Alumni Association. "The experience to stretch myself and listen to others has provided growth for me personally and professionally. I look forward to senior leadership support from the work that the committee puts forth, so that we may provide more growth opportunities for the K-State family."

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