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March 16, 2017

Kansas Association of Broadcasters recognizes K-Staters for excellence in TV and radio

Submitted by Tom Hallaq

Students in the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications have been recognized by the Kansas Association of Broadcasters for their outstanding efforts in broadcast communication. In all, K-State featured 26 individual student winners in 25 separate entries.

Student entries were produced and aired on broadcast, cable, or webcast during the 2016 calendar year. Entries were judged on excellence, believability, creativity and effectiveness. K-State students recognized by the association this year:


James Copeland won second place for "News Promo," and Brennan Flanagan received an honorable mention for "Thankful Liner" in the promotional audio or video category. 

Copeland and Lucas Peterson won first place for "Weekend News Roundup"; Nick Fief won second place for "Mental Health Roundtable" and Shawn Gelushia received an honorable mention for "LGBT Issues Show" in the public affairs program category. 

KSDB staff won first place for "2016 Election Night," and Sara Green won second place for "KSDB News Update" in the complete live newscast category. 

Jon Parton won second place for "Forum News" in the hard news package category. 

Grant Nicholson won second place for "Craig Bolerjack Interview" in the complete sports feature category.

Copeland received an honorable mention for "KSDB 67th Special" in the radio documentary category. 

KSDB Staff won first place for "KSDB Radio Playhouse," and Rachel Tucker and Emily Porter received an honorable mention for "Sounds of Broadway" in the entertainment program category.

David Dougherty and Bridget Lynch won second place for "KSDB Lemonade Stand/Scavenger Hunt" in the promotion event/activity category. 

KSDB staff won first place for "Kansas State University, ksdbfm.org" in the station website category. 


Kaitlyn Heier, Gretchen Koenen and Juan Cisneros won first place for "MHK All Day 11-11-16" in the complete taped newscast category. 

Braxton Jones and Clarissa Weers received an honorable mention for "Founders Hill Fire" in the enterprise news package category. 

Avery Osen received an honorable mention for "Sports with Avery Osen" in the sportscast category. 

Osen also received first place for "Avery Osen News Anchoring" in the DJ personality for radio or news anchor for TV category.

Callie Ogborn won first place for "A Grassland Bird's Changing World" in the documentary category. 


Blane Worley won first place for "KSDB News Update" in the complete live newscast category. 

Worley also won first place for "KSDB Classroom Series - Pale Tongue 'Cosmic Knowledge'" in the entertainment program category. 


Max Stewart won first place for "Vote, Respect, Engage," and Matthew Vohs, Bailey Brown and Stewart won second place for "K-State Today | Jan 30 - Feb 5" in the promotional audio or video category. 

Clarissa Weers, Zach Radabaugh, Safiya Woodard and the Wildcat Watch crew won first place for "OPUS 2016 | Sky Orchid performance," and Weers, Tana Akers and Meagan Miller won second place for "Wildcat Weekly | Dancing with the K-State Stars" in the entertainment program category. 

Winners will be recognized at the annual Kansas Association of Broadcasters Student Seminar luncheon on Tuesday, April 4, in Topeka. The seminar will include panels and round-table discussions to acquaint students with the future of broadcasting, career opportunities and the real world of broadcasting. A job fair for graduating college seniors will be available.