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March 8, 2017

Kansas State University promotes 76 faculty members, 51 receive tenure

Submitted by Ruth Dyer

Seventy-six Kansas State University faculty members are receiving promotions in rank, while 51 faculty members are earning tenure.

The promotions include 26 faculty members to the rank of full professor, 49 faculty members to the rank of associate professor with tenure, and one member to the rank of clinical full professor.

Kansas State University President Richard Myers and Provost and Senior Vice President April Mason will congratulate all newly tenured and promoted faculty members at a reception in the spring.

"Each of our new tenured and promoted faculty members have made significant contributions through their teaching, scholarly endeavors and service to their departments, college, our university and their professions. We celebrate these outstanding achievements with them," Mason said.

Earning promotion to full professor are: Eduard Akhunov, plant pathology; Barbara Anderson, apparel, textile, and interior design; Brad Behnke, kinesiology; Jason Bergtold, agricultural economics; Sherry Fleming, biology; William Genereux, engineering technology; Tanya Gonzalez, English; David Graff, history; Jason Griffin, horticulture and natural resources; Glenn Horton-Smith, physics; Williams Hsu, computer science; John Jaeger, animal science and industry; Sandy Johnson, animal science and industry; Lester Loschky, psychological sciences; Jonathan Mahoney, philosophy; Nathan Nelson, agronomy; Lauren Ritterbush, sociology, anthropology and social work; Kraig Roozeboom, agronomy; Donald Saucier, psychological sciences; Andrew Smith, aviation; Joe Sutliff-Sanders, English; Tesfaye Tesso, agronomy; Steve Warren, electrical and computer engineering; Robert Weaber, animal science and industry; Craig Weston, music, theatre, and dance; and Michal Zolkiewski, biochemistry and molecular biophysics.

Earning tenure and promotion to associate professor are: Eric Adee, agronomy; Marta Alfonso-Durruty, sociology, anthropology, and social work; Jayendra Amamcharla, animal science and industry; Anne Beamish, landscape architecture and regional & community planning; Necia Chronister, modern languages; Ansley Chua, finance; Ignacio Ciampitti, agronomy; Lisa Craft, K-State polytechnic library; Mark Crosby, English; Jared Durtschi, family studies and human services; Michael Gibson, architecture; John Gonzalez, animal sciences and industry; Revathi Govind, biology; Soo-Hye Han, communication studies; Jamie Henningson, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology; Cliff Hight, university archives and special collections; Casey Hoeve, content development and acquisitions; Shreepad Joglekar, art; Cassandra Jones, animal sciences and industry; Siny Joseph, arts, science and business; Haijun Kang, educational leadership; Mary Kohn, English; Karen Large, music, theatre, and dance; Cameron Leader-Picone, English; Ping Li, chemistry; Xiaomao Lin, agronomy; Mickey Losinski, special education, counseling and student affairs; Carla Martinez Machain, political science; Sherri Martinie, curriculum and instruction; Chad Miller, horticulture and natural resources; Phil Payne, music, theatre, and dance; Ramasamy Perumal, agronomy; Jesse Poland, plant pathology; Pavithra Prabhakar, computer science; Sarah Riforgiate, communication studies; Cary Rivard, horticulture and natural resources; Artem Rudenko, physics; Martin Seay, family studies and human services; Kevin Steinmetz, sociology, anthropology and social work; Mykel Taylor, agricultural economics; Phil Tiemeyer, history; Michael Tobler, biology; Dana Vanlandingham, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology; Amber Vennum, family studies and human services; Doug Walker, marketing; Daniel Warner, art; Susan Yelich-Biniecki, educational leadership; Guorong Zhang, agronomy; and Bill Zhang, architecture engineering and construction science.

Earning tenure are Arthur Durband, sociology, anthropology, and social work and Gretchen Sassenrath, agronomy.

Susan Nelson, clinical sciences, has earned promotion to clinical full professor.