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March 8, 2017

Plan to attend 'Designing Rubrics to Teach Critical Thinking'

Submitted by Margaret Stanton

The K-State Teaching and Learning Center has recently named 2017 as the "Year of Critical Thinking." In keeping with these efforts, the Office of Assessment will host the second critical thinking event of March, "Designing Rubrics to Teach Critical Thinking," from 3-4 p.m. March 15 in 209 K-State Student Union. A repeat session will be 3-4 p.m. March 16 in the same location. 

Fred Burrack, director of the Office of Assessment, will lead the sessions. 

Critical thinking in the context of an assignment or within a discipline is an expectation in most courses and programs. This session will explore how to assess student demonstrations of traits associated with critical thinking and provide examples of rubrics that can be adapted for a variety of assessment tasks. Participants will consider how students demonstrate critical thinking within their courses and programs and connect them to rubric design choices that enable authentic assessment of critical thinking.

More information can be found on the Office of Assessment events page and Twitter page. To become a part of the critical thinking work at K-State, please plan to attend this event and engage on social media with the hashtag #MarchTowardCriticalThinking.

The event is free and registration is not required.