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February 7, 2017

Manhattan student awarded first-ever Butler Family Scholarship in Entrepreneurship

Submitted by Brent Fritzemeier

Chris Zachary

Chris Zachary, junior in entrepreneurship, Manhattan, has been selected as the College of Business Administration's first-ever recipient of the Butler Family Scholarship in Entrepreneurship.

The scholarship, which awards $5,000 annually to an undergraduate student enrolled in entrepreneurship, places an emphasis on students who have participated in business idea competitions or have developed business plans.

Zachary decided to study entrepreneurship because he wanted to own his own video and creative media studio. He participates in the center's venture accelerator program, and last year was named a finalist in the K-State Launch competition.

"Small business is what this country is built on," Zachary said. "I believe there's not enough direct support and encouragement of entrepreneurial spirit in the traditional education system, but the whole entrepreneurship program at K-State is built towards helping us find real-world success. I feel so blessed to have received the Butler Family Scholarship in Entrepreneurship as I work towards my long-term goals."

The scholarship honors the family of Bernie Butler, a longtime supporter of Kansas State University. Butler opened one of the first-ever Pizza Hut franchises in 1960, and went on to own 60 Pizza Hut locations across the country over the span of his career.

"It takes a unique person to succeed as an entrepreneur," said Mark Butler, a College of Business Administration graduate, '90, who helps oversee the Butler Family Scholarship in Entrepreneurship. "These folks are tenacious, creative, risk-taking people who dare to turn their dreams into success stories. When my dad, Bernie Butler, started his first Pizza Hut in 1960 in Aggieville, he brought those qualities to his business, but he credits much of his success to the peers, mentors, and business leaders who guided him along the way. With this scholarship, we want to recognize and reward amazing young talent that will benefit from the guidance and wisdom that the College of Business Administration can provide."

Applications are currently being sought for the fall Butler Family Scholarship in Entrepreneurship. Students, including incoming freshman, who meet the award guidelines are encouraged to apply by April 30.

"Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of any economy," Butler said. "Entrepreneurs serve customers, create jobs, boost communities, and can even change the world."