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K-State Today

March 30, 2012

Unclassified employee vacation leave accrual clarification

Submitted by Kristi Fronce

Unclassified employees did not accrue vacation leave for pay period ending March 17, for paycheck dated March 30. This is the third paycheck in the month of March and unclassified employees who earn vacation leave do not earn when there is a third paycheck in a month. This occurs two times each year.   

There are also two pay periods at the end of the fiscal year when unclassified won’t earn vacation leave. This year those pay periods will be May 26 – paycheck dated June 8 – and June 9 – paycheck dated June 22. Unclassified employees are limited to earning 22 days, or 176 hours, in a fiscal year. Only those unclassified employees who have not earned 22 days, or 176 hours, in the fiscal year will accrue these last two pay periods. These would be employees on part-time appointments or those who were appointed mid-year.

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