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April 13, 2016

Central Mail Services April 2016 newsletter

Submitted by Anne Murphy

New staff at Central Mail

I would like to introduce Bridgett Henry to the Central Mail team. Henry started in February as the administrative specialist. Henry has 13 years of experience with the U.S. Postal Service and brings a wealth of knowledge to this position. If you see her around campus, please give her a warm K-State welcome.

USPS price changes

Price reduction for certain USPS services as of April 10:
First-class metered letters — 46.5 cents.
First-class stamped letters — 47 cents.
First-class presort letters — 41.9 cents.
First-class postcards — 34 cents.
First-class flats — 94 cents for the first ounce.
First-class parcels up to three ounces — $2.45. Each additional ounce is 19 cents, up to a 13-ounce parcel for $4.35.
Additional ounces for flats and letters — 21 cents per ounce.
Certified mail fee — $3.30 and the return receipt fee is decreasing to $2.70.
Business reply postcards — 39.2 cents.
Business reply one-ounce letters — 52.2 cents.
Business reply two-ounce letters — 73.2 cents.
International stamps, postcards and one-ounce letters — $1.15.

Helping hands

As part of Facilities Customer Service, the goal of the Central Mail Service team is to provide the campus community with high quality, cost effective mailing and shipping services and products. The vendors we ship through are USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL. Our shipping software allows us to compare the cost of shipping through each of the vendors, enabling us to provide you with the lowest cost and/or time sensitive delivery amongst the vendors. Pointer: When filling out the shipper form, please include a phone number or email address for the recipient. This will help reduce unnecessary delays in the delivery of the mail piece.

You — as the sender — are an integral member of the mail and shipping team. Your preparation of your mail prior to passing it on to us directly affects its timely and successful delivery. The tidbits below will help us all achieve the desired end result, i.e. the successful delivery of your mail at the most economical price.

• Rubber band letters that are to be processed by the same account number.
• Make certain the appropriate account number is included on the top envelope of each group that is rubber banded.
• Separate campus mail, domestic mail and international mail — doing so will result in fewer returns from the USPS which equates to a more timely delivery to the recipient.
• Tape is to be placed over the clasp of envelopes in accordance with USPS guidelines. Un-taped clasps can tear the envelope as well as damage the meter machines.
• When taping envelopes, the tape should not wrap around to the upper right hand corner of the front side of the envelope — the postal meter ink will not affix to the tape.
• Include a return address on all envelopes, packages, etc. Without the "from" address, the USPS will not know where to return an item if there is a problem resulting in "return to sender".

Large mailings

If a department has a large mailing, such as letters, flats, or parcels for USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL, please notify Central Mail in advance, if possible. We will make an extra trip to the department in order to pick the mailing up, if necessary.

Department moves

I know many departments have been — and will be — moving to new campus locations. In these situations, please let us know as soon as possible. We will supply a change of address card, allowing your address to be corrected in the USPS system. There also is a department change of address form for you to fill out for our local files. This form lets us know when you are moving and to what location. The department change of address form can be found online. Please fill out the form and send it in a campus mail envelope to Central Mail Services, 109 Dykstra Hall, or you can scan and email it to me at anne11@k-state.edu.

The staff at Central Mail and the Contract Postal Unit strive to make your mailing and shipping experience as problem free as possible by providing knowledge and customer service second to none. We continue to explore avenues to provide you with the most efficient and cost effective mailing and shipping solutions.

Anne Murphy
Central Mail/Contract Postal Unit Manager

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