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K-State Today

February 1, 2016

K-State announces telecommuting policy for nonfaculty workforce

Submitted by Cheryl Johnson

To support the changing nature of the work and workplace environment, Human Capital Services introduces a telecommuting policy for the nonfaculty workforce.

Telecommuting is a voluntary work arrangement in which an employee, with approval from the dean, provost or divisional vice president, works from an alternate work locale instead of commuting to the campus work place.

According to a study by Ravi S. Gajendran and David A. Harrison, of Pennsylvania State University "telecommuting is a win-win for employees and employers, resulting in higher morale and job satisfaction and lower employee stress and turnover."

With the rise of the Internet, an increase in affordable bandwidth and available technologies, certain positions may be suitable for telecommuting arrangements. Because telecommuting is a cooperative arrangement and not an entitlement, considerations prior to approval must be made based on the nature of the job, needs of the college and department and the employee’s aptitude to be a contributor in such an arrangement. Moreover, positions that require face-to-face interactions with students or employees are not suitable for telecommuting.

Read detailed information about K-State’s telecommuting policy in the Telecommuting PPM chapter 4045 or the Human Capital Services telecommuting agreement form.