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February 23, 2012

Applications being accepted for the Sarachek Predoctoral Honors Fellowship

Submitted by Shannon Fox

The Sarachek Predoctoral Honors Fellowship provides an award of $15,000 to a resident graduate student enrolled in a doctoral program at Kansas State University. In addition to the Honors Fellowship, up to two Sarachek Scientific Travel Awards of $1,000 each will be presented annually, as determined by a faculty selection committee.

Eligible students must have completed their preliminary exams. The student’s dissertation research must rely significantly on one or more contemporary molecular biological techniques.

The competition is open to eligible students who meet the above criteria in any K-State college, department or program. Students may nominate themselves. Nominations may also be submitted by university faculty.

This award is intended to recognize exceptional achievement in scholastics and research. Nominees must show evidence of effective communication of research results through publications in leading journals and presentations at national and international meetings.

Recipients will be selected by an inter-disciplinary committee of research faculty. The funds may be expended at the recipient’s discretion for his or her dissertation, research, travel, planning postdoctoral moves or other purposes.

The funds shall be awarded without restriction to race, gender, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability, or financial aid, or other awards. Winners of the Sarachek Predoctoral Honors Fellowship are not eligible to apply for the fellowship a second time or to apply for a Travel Award. Travel Award winners may apply for the fellowship, but not for a second Travel Award.

The Sarachek Fellowship is intended for students with an outstanding record of research and may not be awarded every year. For more information please see the Graduate School website at: http://www.k-state.edu/grad/sarachek/2012.html.