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K-State Today

October 1, 2015

University Honors Program admits 302 new students

Submitted by Steven Dandaneau

The University Honors Program is playing its part in meeting the K-State 2025 Theme II goal to provide benefits and opportunities that help recruit, retain and support high-achieving students. Teaming with others, Justin Kastner, director, and Jim Hohenbary, associate director, successfully enrolled 302 incoming honors students — mostly, but not exclusively, freshmen — for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Many in this latest group are presently enrolled in one of five fall 2015 sections of Introduction to the University Honors Program, a redesigned course that was the subject of an academic paper presented by the University Honors Program at the May 2015 Honors Education at Research Universities Conference at Oregon State University.

As much as any other curricular or extracurricular feature of the University Honors Program, this course is going a long way to helping honors students embrace psychologically helpful mindsets that better position them to reach their full potential as scholarly, competent and fulfilled leaders.

Holistic in its approach, the course touches on the role multidisciplinary scholarship plays in addressing today's multifaceted, complex problems, while offering helpful insights from psychology, anthropology and sociology. Together the insights equip high-achieving students to sustain the joy of scholarship in their ongoing academic, career and life development.

In addition to a growing menu of honors courses, the University Honors Program continues to introduce its new students to a wide array of other benefits and opportunities including the Cultural Passport Program that makes  free tickets available for students to enjoy the cultural and performing arts, Frontier field trip immersion experiences to such venues as Washington, D.C., and Virginia, and publication opportunities with Crossing Borders, K-State's multidisciplinary undergraduate research journal.

If you know of a high-achieving student eager to grow in scholarly skills, feel free to direct them to apply as a continuing student via the University Honors Program's new online application portal.