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June 5, 2015

Read all about it: University featured in numerous top tier media

Submitted by News and Communications Services

News and Communications Services is helping Kansas State University make waves in several top media outlets. 

Reuters, Time magazine and others published stories about how messing with the budget for haircare and stylists can lead to a tangled mess with your significant other. The stories were inspired from a news release about a K-State study that found arguments about money are the biggest predictor of a divorce.

The Washington Post and Management Today made the correct executive decision by picking up a news release about a K-State study that examines the possibility of a leadership gene.

IFL Science, the International Business Times and others wrote about K-State researchers developing vaccines for H5N1 and H7N9 avian influenza strains. The stories were the result of a news release about the development of these vaccines. Similarly, KMBC, a Kansas City TV news station, aired a story about the vaccines. 

• The Wall Street Journal turned a news release about K-State's listeria research into a sweet story about an ice cream manufacturing resuming production following a listeria outbreak, while the Institute of Food Technologists blogged about how listeria presents a very Rocky Road for ice cream manufactures. 

• Newsweek ate up a K-State news release by mentioning the research in a story about how genetically altered food helps to feed the world. The story references K-State's work on sequencing the first chromosome of wheat. 

• Reader's Digest made researchers want to wash their hands after it published a story about salmonella contamination in home kitchens, based on a K-State news release

Runner's World kept pace with K-State discoveries when it ran a story about a K-State study stating exercise may make cancer treatments more effective, which resulted from a K-State news release

• The McClatchy Company, including The Miami Herald, Sacramento Bee, Lexington Herald-Leader and others tapped a K-State news release about the shrinking Ogallala Aquifer and shrinking funds for water conservation.

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