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The top stories mentioning Kansas State University are posted below. Download an Excel file with all of the day's news stories. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Money can mask a marital problem that can be fixed
6/21/16 New York Times
Sonya Britt is an associate professor of personal financial planning and family studies at Kansas State University. Her research areas include financial therapy, physiological stress and the effectiveness of financial counseling.

K-State students' designs focus on healing, rehabilitating wounded soldiers
6/25/16 Topeka Capital Journal
After years of work by a Kansas State University professor and her students to help address a need for healing and rehabilitation centers for wounded soldiers returning home, they are beginning to see results.

How do food manufacturers pick those dates on their product packaging – and what do they mean?
6/26/16 San Francisco Chronicle
By Londa Nwadike, Kansas State University: No one wants to serve spoiled food to their families. Conversely, consumers don’t want to throw food away unnecessarily — but we certainly do.

*Hypercore: Speeding up access at Kansas universities
6/25/16 Topeka Capital Journal
Research at Kansas State University often generates or requires the manipulation of terabytes of data — which breaks down to 1 trillion bytes of data, or the total amount of storage space in about 50 top-end iPads or 10 top-end laptops.


Kansas State University on TV

KAKE in Wichita, Kansas


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