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Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015

*Insights into the mechanisms of fine-tuning wheat for diverse environments
9/2/15 Science Daily
A Kansas State University wheat geneticist is part of a breakthrough study that identifies one of the wheat genes that controls response to low temperature exposure, a process called vernalization. Natural variation in vernalization genes defines when the plant begins to flower and is critical for adaptation to different environments.

*KC Animal Health Corridor adds to the herd
9/2/15 Wichita Business Journal
The lab will develop technology that the company bought this year from Kansas State University.

From Russia With Math (For Kids)
9/215 Scientific American
While math circles – or matematicheskie kruzhki in Russian -- have traditionally been for middle and high-school students, Natasha Rozhkovskaya, associate professor of mathematics at Kansas State University, recently wrote the first guide to math circles for elementary school children. Rozhkovskaya, who hails originally from Novosibirsk, Russia, leads a math circle at KSU in Manhattan, Kansas. I asked her why these clubs are, well, multiplying.

AGam in Kansas
9-2-15 AGamin Kansas
Good morning and welcome to Farm Factor on AGam in Kansas. I’m your host, Conrad Kabus. On today’s program we focus on the UAB Department out of K-State Salina and their agriculture research and data collection. The revolutionary new field at K-State Salina, provides students with new research opportunities, technology and equipment. Included in that research and instruction is agriculture data, tests and missions. At the end of the show we also have Ryan Yates, from the American Farm Bureau. Stay tuned.




Kansas State University on TV

KAKE in Wichita, Kansas


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