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Friday, Oct. 24, 2014

Beetroot boosts athletes' performance
10/24/14 Yahoo News India
"Our research has shown that the nitrate found in beetroot concentrate increases blood flow to skeletal muscles during exercise," said David Poole, professor of exercise kinesiology and anatomy and physiology at Kansas State University.
Couple offers $5 million gift challenge to KSU
10/23/14 KCTV5
A Massachusetts couple has made a $5 million challenge gift to Kansas State University's College of Business Administration.
Microsoft co-founder pledges $100 million to fight Ebola
10/23/14 Financial Review (Australia)
But it was perhaps an earlier contribution to underwrite research on an Ebola vaccine at Kansas State University that prompted his interest in and concern about the disease. “There was a vaccine that got developed and was tried in chimps, but its efficacy was never tested,” he said. “It was a bit of a dead end, but it planted a seed in my consciousness.”


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