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K-State Today

March 4, 2015

Fire-rated doors in campus buildings

Submitted by Amy Werner

Any door that is self-closing shall not be held open by a wedge or other unapproved devices such as tie-backs, or anything used to block the door open. In other words, any door that is equipped with a self-closing device or spring loaded hinges or requires the use of a wedge or other item to hold it open must remain closed.

Although it is convenient to prop doors open to offices or classrooms, some doors must remain closed per adopted code and by order of the Kansas State Fire Marshal’s office.

These doors serve a purpose. They are manufactured to help reduce the spread of fire and smoke. Fire-rated doors allow occupants time to safely exit the building during a fire or allow for an area of refuge within the building to offer protection until fire services can arrive to assist them.

If you have any questions about this or other fire safety issues, please contact us at 785-532-5856. You may also email us at firesafety@k-state.edu.

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