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K-State Today

November 17, 2014

Community Cinema: 'Evolution of a Criminal' screening

Submitted by Ross Allen

In conjunction with Community Cinema, HandsOn Kansas State will offer a free screening of the documentary film "Evolution of a Criminal" from 6-8 p.m. Monday, Nov. 17, in Town Hall at the Leadership Studies Building.

In this film, a gripping blend of documentary, true crime and personal essay, a filmmaker confronts his past, dissecting the circumstances that led him to commit a bank robbery as a young man and his journey since that act.

After viewing the film, there will be activities and opportunities to interact with guest speakers to reach a deeper understanding of the film. Free popcorn and soft drinks will be served.

Interested? Contact Ross Allen, HandsOn Kansas State, at 785-532-3670 or handson@k-state.edu.