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April 30, 2014

Moving forward as university support staff

Submitted by Alternative Service Committee

As the conversion of classified employees to university support staff approaches, the Alternative Service Committee wants to provide information on the transition process. Since the March 12 Board of Regents approval of the university support staff handbook, the Alternative Service Committee, along with administration and human resources, has continued to work on the details of implementing the plan to become university support staff, effective July 1. Below please find general information about this transition based on the four white pages that were developed from classified employees' input at the town hall meetings in fall 2013.

Recruitment: Recruited positions will continue to be handled similar to current practices. Kansas State University will continue to post vacant university support staff positions on the university website and the state of Kansas job vacancy website. Applicants will be expected to complete the same application process as currently used. There will be no change in the materials required for submission. Positions will continue to be listed with current job titles, classifications and qualification requirements until a new compensation and title management plan is created.

Performance evaluation: Employees and supervisors will complete the 2014 performance review using the forms introduced in 2013 by the state of Kansas. Classified employees and their supervisors should meet during the months of April, May or June to complete the mid-review discussion. The annual completion of the performance review will occur between Nov. 1 and Jan. 31, 2015.

Administration highly recommends all supervisors of university support staff employees complete supervisor training who have not previously done so.

Protection and discipline: Currently the office for the vice president for administration and finance is accepting names of interested parties to serve on the Board of Appeals that will hear employee appeals of disciplinary actions for suspension, demotions and dismissals. Interested faculty, unclassified personnel or university support staff should contact Susan Thomas at 785-532-6226 or lasal@k-state.edu by April 30.

The training for the Board of Appeals is being developed by human resources and training is expected to begin the end of May. At no time will employees lose their ability to appeal disciplinary actions. Progressive discipline will not change or be impacted during the transition to university support staff.

Compensation: President Schulz has approved a 2 percent across-the-board increase for all university support staff employees, effective for June 8. The Alternative Service Committee and human resources are continuing to research different compensation plans to determine the best possible plan for university support staff employees. The research for compensation plans includes investigating how market surveys are administered, title management options, job families and classifications. The timeframe for development and implementation of a new compensation plan is still expected to be two to four years.

In addition to the increase in compensation, university administration announced in the April 17 K-State today the longevity program will continue to employees who have been working for the university a minimum 10 years. One change that will occur is the bonus amount for each year of service will increase from $40 to $50 per year. Also, this program is now being extended to all university support staff employees, even those hired after June 14, 2008, who previously were excluded from this program.

The committee's communications, copies of white papers, university support staff handbook, and progress of the plan are online.