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April 7, 2014

K-State Salina signs letter of intent with Nautilus Engineering to develop engine prototype

Submitted by Communications and Marketing

The Applied Aviation Research Center at Kansas State University Salina has signed a letter of intent with Nautilus Engineering, Park City, to build a prototype internal combustion engine designed by Nautilus Engineering for applications in the unmanned aerial systems market.

The potential partnership will involve creating a working model of the Nautilus Hybrid 2/4 stroke Reciprocating Engine. The concept will be to develop a more efficient engine, in terms of power and fuel efficiency, that also reduces the amount of combustion by-products, or pollution, produced.

"We're pleased to explore this technology with Nautilus Engineering and its applicability to the unmanned aircraft systems industry," said Kurt Barnhart, K-State Salina’s aviation department head and executive director of the Applied Aviation Research Center. "This design is aimed at greatly improving the efficiencies of the internal combustion engine thereby reducing the resulting carbon emissions."

K-State Salina will first need to raise the appropriate funding to support the research, testing and evaluation. The Kansas State University Salina engineering technology department would construct a working prototype for testing and validation.