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November 13, 2013

Geological Society of America annual meeting presentations

Submitted by Saugata Datta

Multiple faculty members from the geology department presented at the Geological Society of America annual meeting, Oct. 26-30, in Denver, Colo.

George R. Clark presented "Organic Matrix in the Echinoderm Skeleton: Physical Nature" and "Utilizing the Organic Matrix: Displaying 3-D Microstructure, Defining 'Good Preservation', and Seeking Original Structure in Recrystallized Fossils." 

Charles "Jack" Oviatt presented "The importance of field work, with an example from G.K. Gilbert’s experience in the Bonneville basin." Oviatt and colleague Vicki Pedone from California State University, Northridge presented "South to north major flow direction in Lake Bonneville: evidence from carbonate mineralogy and geochemistry." Oviatt and colleague Bob Thompson from the United States Geological Survey presented "Similarities and differences between lacustrine and vegetation histories of the Bonneville basin during the late Pleistocene, and their potential causes."

Keith Miller presented "Addressing public misconceptions of climate change and the nature of science."

Joel Spencer with visiting doctoral student and colleagues presented "Examining the archeoseismic activity of the archeological site of Sardis in Western Turkey."

Matt Brueseke with master's degree student Andy Ingalls, recently graduated bachelor's degree student David Kowal, and recently graduated master's degree student Kate Amrhein, presented "Using cellphone cameras to enhance student learning of mineral identification and textural characteristics through mineral/rock thin sections." Brueseke also co-convened session T98: Recent Advances and Applications of Isotope Geochemistry and Geochronology to Ore Deposit Studies with colleagues. Brueseke, Amrhein and colleague also presented "Oxygen isotope constraints on mid-Miocene rhyolite production in the Santa Rosa-Calico volcanic field, NV"

Saugata Datta and undergraduate intern Austin Krehel from Hope College, Mich., Sophia Ford, graduate students Sasidharan Sankar and Kibria MD Golam presented "Groundwater-sediment sorption mechanisms and bioaccumulation of arsenic in rice within West Bengal, India."

Datta and graduate student Shovon Barua presented "Water quality assessment of dug well waters and its adjoining Buriganga river reach, old Dhaka."

Datta and graduate students Brent Campbell, Robinson Barker, and colleagues from the Kansas Geological Survey Lynn Watney and Eugene Holubnyak presented "Geochemical investigation and hydrochemical characterization for carbon capture and storage, Cutter well site, Kansas."

Datta, Matthew Kirk and graduate student Kibria Md Golam presented "Comparison of microbiology and geochemistry from gray and reddish brown horizons of Ganges Delta aquifer, Matlab, Bangladesh."

Datta and undergraduate intern Michael Vega, graduate student Brent Campbell, and colleagues from the Kansas Geological Survey Lynn Watney and Eugene Holubnyak presented "Mineralogical characterization of the Arbuckle aquifer: implications for CO2 sequestration.

Datta also convened the following sessions:

• Pardee Session P6. Energy and Health: The Emergence of Medical Geology in Response to the Shale Gas Boom, sponsored by the Geology and Health Division of GSA.

• Topical Session T44. Environmental Arsenic: The Nexus of Natural Occurrences and Human Health, sponsored by the Geology and Health Division of GSA.

• Discipline Session 191. Geology and Health: Recent Advances in Medical Geology, sponsored by the Geology and Health Division of GSA.

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