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October 28, 2013

Honoring parents by helping students attend college

Submitted by Marisa Larson

George Bowers, originally from Eskridge, spent 35 years of his life working in education. Now he wants to help students attend Kansas State University. In honor of his parents, Bowers has established the Pat and Clarice Bowers Family Scholarship for students from Wabaunsee County.

Neither of Bowers’ parents attended college, but they both saw the value of higher education and worked to make sure all their children received a college education.

"My parents have been the biggest influence of my entire life," Bowers said. "A day doesn’t go by that I don’t reflect on living up to the standards which they instilled in me. I believe we each must help those who follow us, and I wanted to honor my parents. Considering my deep roots in Wabaunsee County where I saw so many kids not even considering attending college, usually because of financial limitations, I decided to establish a scholarship in my parents’ names. I want to help young people expand their vision of what life might be for them by giving them a better opportunity to attend college."

Bowers believes education is the tool to self-improvement. He says that when life gets you down, the things that can see you through are knowledge, career training, work ethic and a desire to achieve great things.

"If I can help someone see greater possibilities in life, then I’ve accomplished what I wanted with this scholarship effort."