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October 18, 2013

Geography faculty, graduate students present at conference

Submitted by Chuck Martin

Faculty and graduate students from the department of geography participated in the annual meeting of the Great Plains/Rocky Mountain Division of the Association of American Geographers in Omaha, Neb., Oct. 11-12. The following faculty and graduate students made presentations at the meetings:

Lynn Brien, graduate student, Kevin Price, professor, and colleagues M.B. Bethel, and Y. C. Allen presented "A Remote-Sensing Based Method of Classifying Freshwater Impacts to Coastal Louisiana Wetlands."

Robert Briwa, graduate student, presented "Where are Marseille's Mosques? The Geography of Muslim Immigrants in Marseille's Arrondissements."

John Harrington Jr., professor, presented "Building a Body of Climate Knowledge."

Bill Wetherholt, graduate student, presented "Contention on Shoal Creek: How Six Miles of Stream Changed Kansas Water Law."

Bimal Paul, professor, and colleagues M.K. Rahman, A. Curtis and T.S. Schmidlin presented "Linking Coastal Disasters and Migration: A Case Study."

Chuyuan Wang, graduate student; Kevin Price, professor; David Burchfield, graduate student; Johnny Bryant, graduate student; and colleagues D. van der Merwe, N. An and H. Wang presented "Modeling Tallgrass Prairie Above-Ground Biomass in the Central Great Plains using Ultra-High Spatial Resolution Multispectral Imagery."

Ian Howard, graduate student, presented "A Synoptic Climatology of Nocturnal Low-Level Jet Enhanced Rainfall Events during May, June, and July for North-Central Kansas, 1950-2012."

Brandon Weihs, graduate student, and colleague J.F. Shroder, Jr. presented "Teton Mass-Movement Project: Detailed Map Delineation for Water-Impact Assessment."