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K-State Today Special Issue

March 18, 2020

Faculty and staff guidance to remain off campus unless deemed mission-critical

Submitted by Communications and Marketing

On March 15, President Myers announced that the university was moving to limited operations on all campuses. Keeping in mind the need for social distancing, everything that can be done remotely should be done remotely. Until further notice that means we will have no in-person, student-facing operations on our campuses. Effective immediately, the following procedures should be followed to reduce the number of people physically on our campuses: 

• All events are to be canceled or held remotely. In-person meetings deemed essential and that cannot be moved to an online format or postponed, will require using social distancing techniques.

• Faculty and staff members should not be on our campuses unless they are performing operations deemed essential that can't be done remotely. Those who need to return to a campus to get necessary equipment or materials should work with their unit heads to get that accomplished by end of day Friday, March 20.

• Deans and vice presidents have been asked to provide a list of employees who will need to physically be on campus during this period of limited operations. It is imperative for the university to know who is on campus and what functions they are performing. Further guidance will be issued regarding allowing students to retrieve materials they need for classes.

As a reminder, anyone who is ill or is in a health category making them more vulnerable to COVID-19 should make other arrangements and not return to campus.

Our priorities are to teach and advise students through the semester, continue to recruit and enroll students for the next academic year, and conduct limited mission-critical research and engagement. 

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