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K-State Today Special Issue

May 15, 2017

Protect against WannaCry ransomware

Submitted by Information Technology Services

A widespread ransomware campaign, referred to as WannaCry, WCry, or Wanna Decryptor, is affecting the global community. 

While K-State has controls in place to protect our network, there are conditions that make us vulnerable to these types of attacks. A major risk includes unpatched machines, or computers without the latest security updates, coming onto campus. Accessing the virtual private network from unpatched machines and labs on campus using older operating systems without the latest security updates are other examples.

To reduce the possibility of being infected by this and future threats, update your antivirus and operating system immediately. Additional suggestions include:

  • Scrutinize links contained in emails.
  • Do not open attachments in unsolicited emails.
  • Be wary of visiting and clicking links on unsafe or unreliable sites.
  • If you receive a message from a friend with a link, confirm they sent it before opening. 
  • Only download software — especially free software — from sites you know and trust.
  • Implement a data backup and recovery plan that maintains copies of sensitive or proprietary data in a separate and secure location.
  • Enable automated patches for your operating system and web browser.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the IT Help Desk at 785-532-7722 or helpdesk@k-state.edu.

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