Video Resources

The process of creating a video can be overwhelming so we suggest using a tool you are already comfortable with to record video, such as your phone or through Zoom. You can also record a video directly in Canvas or follow the steps in this video to upload an existing video into your Canvas course. Below, we provide details and steps for video production. For additional guidance and other instructional design questions, please contact the Global Campus instructional design team at

Please note: Faculty required to provide accommodations for captioning should contact the Student Access Center office at


To record a class lecture or video to publish for students in Canvas:

  1. Start a new Zoom meeting.
  2. When you are ready, also start the Zoom recording to the Cloud. Cloud recordings automatically include text transcripts. You can record to the cloud and get an email link to post in Canvas.
  3. You can also enable automatic recordings, so all your new sessions are recorded.

Once you have the cloud recording link, you can post it in Canvas for your students.

For live events you can still schedule and share a meeting link to your students using Canvas Inbox or by publishing it in a Canvas Page or Module.

  1. When you start your Zoom, make sure to start a Cloud Recording if you wish to save and share that session.
  2. Once your session is done, Zoom will send you a link to your session and you can publish that link in Canvas on a Page or in a Module.

Please remember that you can enable automatic captioning in Zoom.

Canvas media tools

You can record videos directly in Canvas using the Rich Content Editor. These are not good for long, full lecture recordings but are great for quick audio/video clips to post in Pages, Modules, Assignments, etc for your students.

Recording your own videos

You can also record mp4 videos using whatever tool you favor and upload them directly to your Canvas course Files and publish them for your students.

Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab

The Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab has sound and video recording spaces, media computers with editing software, equipment for checkout, data conversion, and can provide limited staff and captioning assistance.


YouTube is another option for video storage and sharing. If you do not already have an account, you can create an account and follow these steps to upload videos. Once they are available in YouTube, you can follow along with this tutorial and embed a YouTube video in Canvas.

You can begin the process of creating closed captioning or a transcript with the use of built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that auto-generate text. YouTube automatically generates captions.


K-State is committed to making course materials more accessible to our learners. We encourage faculty to link a Word document with the transcript of any video lectures that also contain written descriptions of visuals used in the lecture. This helps all students, but also expedites how the Student Access Center can support faculty and students in particular accommodations.

Videos instruction to provide captions in Zoom and YouTube are linked above. But if you have created a video elsewhere, such as your phone, you can still use AI to generate automatic captioning. Global Campus has provided two instructional videos to demonstrate using Adobe Premiere Pro or Microsoft SharePoint for that purpose. Both tools are available to K-State faculty and staff.

Please keep in mind that automated captioning will typically not meet the 99 percent accuracy requirement for students with accommodations. However, it is a great starting point, and you can make manual edits to achieve that level of accuracy. Once you have updated your closed captioning file (.vtt or .srt files), you can follow these steps to add closed captioning to videos in Canvas or on YouTube.

Additional Support: Again, if you have questions about accommodation requirements, please contact the Student Access Center at For instructional design questions, please contact the Global Campus instructional design team at Reach out to your departmental IT support for immediate assistance or to the IT Service Desk for assistance with Canvas.