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University Success Center

Academic Achievement Center (AAC)

The Academic Achievement Center seeks to empower students through useful resources, motivate through positive encouragement, and inspire hard work and dedication. AAC’s services are open to all Kansas State University students and are met with understanding, encouragement, and the resources to generate success now and in the future.

Academic Coaching 

Academic Coaching is free for all K-State students. Students are paired with a professional team member who provides an individualized approach to guide students toward academic success. 

Students can sign-up at any time for an Academic Coach and can expect to work through a variety of topics, including:

  • Improving goal-setting and goal achievement
  • Refining decision making skills
  • Gaining confidence with responsibilities
  • Sharpening academic skills such as test-taking, note taking, organization, and time management
  • Motivation

Tutoring Services

Tutoring is a free service offered to all K-State students in Holtz Hall and other campus locations. Over 145 courses are represented, and sessions are led by peer tutors who have excelled in the course. There are two different types of tutoring to best meet students' needs: scheduled and drop-in.

Scheduled Tutoring

Scheduled tutoring is for students who would like weekly tutoring sessions. Tutoring sessions are designed to fit in a students schedule and are led by a peer tutor. Each session can occur one to three times a week and lasts 50 minutes. Scheduled sessions are offered in a wide range of courses from introductory to higher-level. 

Students who are interested in signing up for scheduled tutoring can sign up here. Students may sign up for tutoring sessions covering one or all of their courses.

Drop-in Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring is a no appointment necessary tutoring style that provides immediate help without an appointment. Drop-ins are organized by subject, such as Biology, Math, or Physics, rather than specific courses like BIOL 198 or MATH 100 or PHYS 113. Tutors at drop-in sessions are knowledgeable about several courses within a field of study to provide the most appropriate support to a variety of students.

Students interested in participating in drop-in tutoring should check out the drop-in schedule. Students may feel free to come and go at any point during the drop-in times.

Student Success Courses 

Courses geared towards student success emphasize the skills and strategies needed to succeed as a college student. Students often enroll in these classes during their first semester at K-State, and get connected with peers in their classes.

For two of our programs, Student Success CAT Communities and University Experience, the AAC partners closely with K-State First. Learn more about what K-State First does for students and the different programs they offer.

Scholar Services

Scholar services works with students in a variety of scholarship programs to provide access to resources to ensure student success. Programs include: First Scholars, Kauffman Scholars, KC Scholars, Give Back Scholars, and more.

High impact practices include:

  • academic coaching;
  • student success courses;
  • community building opportunities;
  • service learning; and
  • enrichment and professional development activities

Scholar services strives to retain students while assisting with persistence to graduation. 

Office of First-generation Students

The Office of First-generation Students supports students who are first in their families to graduate from a four-year college by connecting them to campus resources, coordinating efforts across the university to serve them and fostering a first-generation community.

Connect with the Academic Achievement Center

Location: 101 Holton Hall

Phone Number: 785-532-6492

Email: achievement@k-state.edu