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University Success Center

Frequently Asked Questions  

What is the 2019 Passport to University Success?

The offices of the University Success Center, as well as 5 partners from across campus, have come together to offer one credit hour of tuition for free per week during the summer! During Orientation and Enrollment, students can visit as many of our booths as they'd like. When completed, students will be eligible to win!

What is the USC bringing to the table other than the name change?

The opportunity to work through the changes suggested by the 2016 Student Success Workgroup revealed untapped potential. As we began to physically relocate offices this allowed for new conversations and collaboration. The different offices began meeting and dreaming about possibility in January 2017. As we approached June Orientation and Enrollment, we had expanded our pool of collaborators to include offices outside of Holton Hall. It was then that we saw the opportunity to drive Dr. Bosco’s call for a student success corridor by rebranding Holton Hall as the USC.

What is the ultimate goal of the USC?

We are using the University Success Center to bring together student success resources under one brand and one name. Offices have already started cross-training efforts and are sharing services and resources between work teams. We are presenting a unified message about all services at recruitment and university outreach events. Up next is a move to consolidate social media, web presence, programming, student ambassadors etc. The end goal is that there be one place for all student success related questions.

How will students benefit from this?

Students, faculty, staff, and families will have one physical and virtual place they can go to engage, get equipped, and feel empowered towards their success. The entire goal of the USC is to guide students to arrive in one space and get the help they need in that moment, even if that's walking them to a resource across campus. Students can look forward to clear and concise branding, a virtual USC home launching later October, and an on-site host to greet them as they enter Holton Hall.