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University Success Center

Welcome to the University Success Center

Welcome to the University Success Center or USC! The USC helps to connect students, families, faculty, and staff to offices and resources that aid in all aspects of student success both in and out of the classroom! 

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Have a Question? Ask Willie!

Do you want to know more about how you can get connected to resources within the University Success Center? Press the 'Ask Willie' button on the right to ask Willie Wildcat a question and he can help find you the answer! 

Passport to University Success

The offices of the University Success Center, as well as 5 partners from across campus, have come together to offer one credit hour of tuition for free per week during the summer! During Orientation and Enrollment, students can visit as many of our booths as they'd like. When completed, students will be eligible to win our weekly prize!


Need an Event Promoted?

Are you putting on an event that you'd like to be shared by the USC? Fill out our promotions form HERE.