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Office of Student Life

K-State Resources

The Office of Student Life strives to support all K-State students, faculty, staff, parents and guardians, and all K-state connected individuals. We have a network of programs and resources to help develop and maintain a safe, caring, and inclusive community. If you are ever unsure of what resources are available to you, please call the Office of Student Life. We work collaboratively with our campus partners and we can connect you to any resources on campus and help you stay on track and be successful. 

Academic Resources

USCUniversity Success Center

The University Success Center is a collaboration of multiple departments on campus. Whether you are struggling with a course, looking for a tutor, or simply need a compassionate advocate, the USC can point you in the right direction!

Academic AchievementAcademic Achievement Center

Provides students with empowering resources and positive encouragement to inspire academic success.


Holtz HallHoltz Hall Tutoring Center

Offers FREE tutoring services to all K-State students.



ESSEducational Support Services: Federal TRIO Programs

Helps first-generation, income limited, and disabled students earn their degrees.


McNair Scholars

Prepares low-income, first-generation and underrepresented students for graduate school

FirstK-State First

The university's first-year experience program helping students establish a strong foundation for their educational career.


Access CenterStudent Access Center

Assists all K-State students with permanent and temporary disabilities.


Office of Student LifeOffice of Student Life

Provides support and promotes students success both academically and personally.


International student servicesInternational Student & Scholar Services

Provides immigration advising and cultural adjustment assistance


Career CenterCareer Services

Assistance with resume writing, discover listings for internships and jobs, interest assessments, and support in deciding in a major or career.


Teaching and learningTeaching & Learning Center

Consultation for teaching personnel in designing learning environments, in addition to teaching strategies and activities for the classroom.


Honor & IntegrityHonor & Integrity

 The Honor and Integrity System operates with the belief that college students are still developing in integrity--the ability to make wise choices in dilemmas. Students who are reported and found in violation are given educational sanctions in hopes of helping those students become better citizens in their professions


Graduate SchoolGraduate School

 K-State offers graduate degrees and certificates on all three campuses: Manhattan, Polytechnic and Olathe. Students earn degrees on campus, online or through a combination of the two. 


Global CampusGlobal Campus

  • Utilizes distance learning technology for affordable and accessible classes to meet student needs.



Discover the Wildcat Way!


Health & Safety Resources

Cats' cupboardCats' Cupboard 

Cats' Cupboard is K-States food pantry that is open to all K-State students. 


Recreational Services

Recreational Services administers intramural/recreational sports and fitness and wellness programs for the campus in addition to promoting student development and provides leadership opportunities in a diverse setting for its participants and employees.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Provides consultation and crisis support. Offers individual, couples and group therapy. Trains in stress management and other skills for student success.

Family Center

Quality counseling services in the context of relationships and families at affordable rates.

LafeneLafene Health Center

Comprehensive and high-quality outpatient care



CARECenter for Advocacy, Response & Education (CARE)

The CARE Office educates the K-State community about the spectrum of violence and bystander intervention techniques. Additionally they provide confidential advocacy and support for those who experience sexual violence, dating violence and stalking.


OIEOffice of Institutional Equity (OIE)

Evaluates reports of discrimination, harassment or sexual violence


KSUPDK-State Police Department (KSUPD)

Preserves and promotes a safe campus environment. Investigates crimes and traffic accidents. For confidential crime reporting, visit k-state.edu/police/silent


Off-Campus Resources


Financial Resources

Financial AidStudent Financial Assistance

 Financial assistance with grants, scholarships, loans and work-study



cashiersCashiers Office

The Cashier's Office records in the accounting system all deposits and campus receipts. Additionally, the Cashier's Office is responsible for the billing and collection of all tuition, fees and departmental charges.



Powercat FinancialPowercat Financial

 Free peer-to-peer financial advice and resources on budgeting, credit use, saving, loan management and transitioning into work.



Earn part of the $36 million K-State awards each year in scholarships. They're awarded based on academics, activities, service and financial need.




K-State Proud is a student-led, nationally recognized fundraising campaign for K-State. All student campaign donations establish Student Opportunity Awards for fellow K-State students. 


Become K-State Connected; Involvement & Additional Resources

Student InvolvementCenter for Student Involvment

The Center for Student Involvement is the designated point of contact for registered student organizations.


Diversity &  MulticulturalDiversity & Multicultural Student Affairs

Promotes an inclusive campus climate and mutual understanding among diverse groups


LGBTLGBT Resource Center

Serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer and allied community to provides support and resources for student issues dealing with sexuality and gender identity. 

Non-Traditional & Veteran Center

Provides assistance and advocacy in addition to information on admission, scholarships, housing and financial assistance.

The Veteran Center provides a space for military-affiliated students to connect.

Housing & Dining Services

Provides affordable, safe and engaging accommodations for students in residence halls and the Jardine Apartment community. 

OCHSOff-Campus Housing Support

Provides information about the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords to K-State students. Common issues include maintenance, securitiy deposits, lease reviews and more!

SLSStudent Legal Services

Free consultation for students regarding legal options and services.

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